Pact Coffee x Geraint Thomas Guest Blend

Happy Tour De France day!

We are excited to announce that during the tour we will be serving Pact Coffee x Geraint Thomas blend coffee as a batch brew.

The blend was handpicked by Geraint himself after multiple

tasting masterclasses. He selected two coffees from nations

with proud cycling culture, and opted for an Italian-style

espresso roast to pack the punch every coffee drinker loves.

High-altitude coffees have citrussy, berry flavours, and bright

acidities to match. The darker roast profile controls the acidity,

developing rich dark chocolate notes, for a balanced but super

intense punch of sweetness, acidity and flavour.

We say it's a perfect match to our brownie- what could be a better mid ride refuel?

About Pact

Since being founded in 2012 Pact Coffee has been on a mission to make coffee

a force for good.

We travel to origin and source speciality coffee direct from smallholder

farmers, cut unnecessary middlemen from the supply chain, expertly roast

in-house, and deliver to you. Together, this means we support sustainable

farming, giving growers fairer-than-Fairtrade prices for coffee that’s truly


After that, we provide a tailored service - from fine-tuning your coffee

deliveries, to supplying and servicing the right machinery for your needs. And

all our coffee is roasted just days before you get it, for ultimate freshness.

Because we should all drink better coffee. Together.

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